Bird control

How to change the vision citizens have towards pigeons ?

The pigeon is an animal that we are able to see everyday. Their massive presence is leading us to consider only their nuisances: noise, degradation, smell and disease. My challenge is to change this point of view. I am sure we will like the pigeon more if they were less invasive. Their rarity will bring back their distinction again. Observing a pigeon would then become more charming.

I propose a DIY feeder kit in order to involve citizens in pigeons regulation. This kit could be sent by the municipality and will be provided with contraceptive corn: a method that is both feeding the pigeons and preventing them from having eggs. This contraception practice is reversible and harmless for others bird species. Citizens will receive the kit, build it and have an active role in their local environment. This personal involvement will lead to a global improvement of our coexistence.